How To Increase Electric Bike Range

When you purchase an electric bike you want to make sure that it lasts a long time. How far an electric bike can get you is known as the electric bike range. A common issue people have with electric bikes is the same one they have with electric cars; making it last. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere when your bike dies. Nor do you want to only be able to ride it for an hour or so at a time before it needs to be recharged. Here are three tips for how to increase electric bike range.

  1. Give it a Boost

Your electric bike is going to use most of its power when you’re accelerating up to 15/20MPH. So if you can give the motor a boost during this time and do a little legwork you can drastically increase your battery range. It’s still much easier to start an electric bike than a manual one even if you go this way and you’d be surprised how much doing something small like this can help your bike. There are even electric bikes that require a little human help. These bikes tend to be more efficient and have longer ranges.


  1. Stop pedalling Only when Coasting

When you pedal an electric bike it takes a lot less effort than a regular bike, but you’d be surprised how much longer it can make your battery last. Remember that every little helps. Doing some pedalling as you climb up a hill can take your electric bike range from 10 miles to 20. It’s not hard to see why too given that the engine is using less power. If you’re looking to stop pedalling your electric bike then try to do it when you’re cruising or coasting.


  1. Accelerate Carefully

Electric bikes aren’t really made for rapid acceleration. Accelerating too quickly can really eat away at your power and burn through your battery. If you start out a little slower and take a more relaxed approach to acceleration you’ll see that your bike lasts a good few miles extra. If you’re riding a throttle bike then you should ease into it instead of just spinning the throttle back right away. This is much easier to do with a pedelec or pedal assist bike because these bikes start up gradually.


Get the Most out of Your Electric Bike

You’ll find that if you follow our advice and help the bike along by pedalling your bike can last up to 20 miles with about half as much effort it would take on a pushbike. While your range will go down as you go over more hills or if the rider of the bike is a little larger 20 miles is still a good average.


So don’t let your fear about electric bike range stop you from learning more about electric bikes and buying one for yourself.



How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Having clean white teeth is a must nowadays, and it seems as if no one even wants to talk to people with yellow teeth. These people seem and look unhygienic, and that is why people need to start taking more care about their teeth, and especially about keeping them white by having teeth whitening (more info: http://www.start-smiling.co.uk/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening/ ) by specialists .

You won’t ever see a celebrity with yellow teeth, but these people spend thousands on their teeth, and it is no wonder that they are sparkly clear. Ordinary folks don’t have that much money to spend on whitening their teeth, and that is why we have decided to give you three natural ways of whitening your teeth. They don’t cost much, are quite effective, and can be done by everyone. So, let’s check them out.

Strawberry, Baking Soda and Salt Scrub

Strawberries are really tasty, but they also contain a lot of Vitamin C, allowing them to break down all the plaque formed on our teeth. Apart from this vitamin, it is also rich with Malic Acid, which is great at removing the stains. Salt can be used here as an abrasive part of the mixture which physically scrubs the teeth, while the baking soda does the same, but with a much better push.

Basically, you need a couple of strawberries, a pinch of salt, and a half a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix those three up until you get a paste, and before you apply it to your teeth, make sure that you’ve cleaned them of any sign of saliva. Apply the mixture to your toothbrush and then apply it to your teeth. Once you’ve done brushing, leave the paste on your teeth for about 5 minutes, and then rinse.

Lemon Juice Paste and Baking Soda

It is no wonder that baking soda is here, because, as many people already know, it is very abrasive, and has the ability to scrub away all the stains on the surface of our teeth and make them a bit whiter. Now, many people must be wondering, “Well, what about the lemon juice?” Well, the lemon juice is there posing as a natural bleach, and because it is very acidic, the baking soda can reduce that effect.

You just need a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, just enough lemon juice to mix the two and make a paste, and of course, a toothbrush. Now, before you start applying this mixture to your teeth, make sure that you’ve cleaned them properly. Once you’ve done that, you can apply the mixture to your toothbrush and start brushing those teeth! Leave the paste on your teeth for about 1-3 minutes, and then just rinse.

Coconut Oil Rinse

Okay, maybe not everyone has coconut oil in their home, but if they do, they really ought to give this a try. This is a whitening process used for centuries, and it really works. You see, the coconut oil contains Lauric Acid which can remove the bacteria from our teeth plaque, and eliminating that bacteria helps prevent teeth from becoming yellow. Plus it tastes great!

So, you’ll need a tablespoon of coconut oil. Then put the oil in your mouth and start rinsing the teeth by swishing it for about 10-15 minutes. After that, just spit the oil out and rinse the teeth with some water.

Choosing the Right Hair Brush Straighteners

Women want their hair to look perfect all the time. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to visit a hairstylist all the time just to get your hair done. Hairstylists might have the most sophisticated equipment for the job, but you can still manage your hair and achieve your desired look at home. Hair brush straighteners can help you get the sleek locks you’ve always wanted. These brushes are easier to use than a flat iron and can straighten hair within eight to ten seconds.

Hair brush straighteners straighten and detangle hair as well as boost its natural shine and manageability. Compared to traditional straighteners, hair brush straighteners are capable of straightening hair within a shorter period of time. Hair brush straighteners are equipped with different features that make them easier and more convenient to use.

When you are planning to buy a hair brush straightener, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You want to make sure that it heats up fast and doesn’t pull on hair. Here are some of the

most important things to look for in a hair brush straightener.

Brush Shape

It is important to consider the shape of the brush. A roller brush is ideal for women with long hair. Flat brushes would work well for those with medium-length or short locks.


The hair brush straightener should have a cushioned handle so that you can hold the brush comfortably. It should be easy to move the brush through your locks without any problem. Clamping the barrels together should not be a problem for you as well.

Technology Used

Hair brush straighteners with tourmaline plates can heat up faster and produce more negative ions. This counteracts the effects of positive ions like frizz, so you will have straight and shiny locks. Ceramic plates also release negative ions, making the hair smoother and shinier. When used together with a hairdryer, you can straighten your hair faster.


Choosing a hair brush straightener with the right bristles is important. There are hair brush straighteners with ball-tipped bristles, which prevent snagging and tangles when drying your hair. Hair brush straighteners with boar and nylon bristles are a good choice as they can keep your hair soft and shiny without causing hair breakage or damaging your scalp.

If you have unruly hair and you want to go out looking perfect, using a hair brush straightener can help you manage your locks with ease. A hair brush straightener helps you achieve the shiny and smooth locks you’ve always wanted without damaging it. You can also bring this tool anywhere as it is small enough to fit into your bag.

Some of the most popular brands of hair brush straighteners are DenMan, Babyliss, Vega, Conair and Avon. Remember that not all hair brush straighteners are the same. However, finding the right hair brush straightener for you is not difficult. Just follow the tips stated above and you can find the best choice for you

How The Lack of Sleep Is Destroying You

If you are not sleeping properly, then you are doing to your health a really big damage. A lack of sleep can actually ruin your health completely in so many levels that it’s even scary to think about it.

This article has been written to show you how you can improve your health, mood and life by sleeping better. And we are also going to tell you how you can have better nights, because we understand that for many people it’s very hard to sleep well, but today this is going to change forever! Just keep reading.

It Will Make You More Productive

Sleepy-at-work-595x396We live in a competitive world, there’s no doubt about it. And being productive should be one of your main goals, but a lack of sleep won’t really help. Sure, you can try to keep up the pace by using certain supplements, but they just put “make up” over the ugly truth you don’t want to face: the lack of sleep is ruining you from the inside.

There’s no better feeling than going to sleep early and rising up early. If you want to be more productive on your business, workouts, etc. Then you should try to adapt yourself to this style: Going to bed early, and waking up early. This is going to transform your life in many senses.

Grow Better Muscles, Lose More Fat

If you want to burn fat and build those muscles, then it’s mandatory to sleep well. Why? Because during your sleep your muscles will recover, and on top of that, sleeping properly will put your stress levels in a minimum. And it’s important to don’t have high stress levels, because this will skyrocket cortisol, and this compound is going to slow down your fat burning process.

Life Will Get Easier

sleep earlyOnce you successfully integrate to your life this wonderful habit of sleeping early, your life will be a lot better. It will even get easier, because you will have more motivation for your day a day, and on top of that, you will have far more energy. Everything you need to tackle down obstacles and raise yourself into glory and victory.

How To Do It?

If you have problems when you try to sleep, then you should drink a hot chamomile tea before going to sleep. This will make things a lot better.

Another thing you must do in order to make this process much easier, is to turn all lights off and be away of computer, cellphone, TV and any other screen 30 minutes before going to sleep. This is going to help you quite a lot, so it’d be a good idea to give it a try.

If you have problems, then this is what you must do. It sounds very simple if you take into account the wide myriad of awesome results and benefits you will get out of this change in your life. You won’t lose anything, but instead win a lot.